Frequently Asked Questions About Our Digital Marketing​ Services.


In an ever evolving digital marketing and advertising landscape things have a tendency to get a little cloudy and sometimes things have changed drastically especially now with COVID-19, it has almost done a last-minute 180 degree turn around to get back on track. Here’s are some commonly asked questions we get often, and our relevant specialist’s advice.

Does my business need to have a website?

Yes. A website is not just a platform for products and services but also gives your brand authenticity and credibility. Other essential marketing exercises benefit from a strong web presence including branding, reputation management, and PR.


Why do I need to have a Digital Marketing strategy?

A Digital marketing strategy is vitally important as this informs your way forward from a marketing perspective of your business, so yes. This process involves in-depth research into your company, the industry in which it operates and your competitors, before the strategy can be built. This is a timeous process and involved multiple channel, strategy and business specialists, why? Because it’s that important to know where you’re going, and how you’re getting there!. A proper start is always recommended. By the way, ALL of our strategies come with planning and rollout documentation, so you’re not just left with some high-fly ideas.


Do I need to commit to an annual contract?

Calida Marketing recommends a trial of a 3 months in the digital landscape and thereafter if both parties are happy a renewal for an annum is standard best practice.


Is your pricing standard?

Yes, we offer specialised services in many fields within the digital marketing environment, and employ highly skilled professionals to help grow your brand. We have a rate card on request. Our services are costed out per project or on an hourly basis.


Do you use or recommend using marketing tools?

We both use and recommend only the best tools in many different specialities,. All our recommendations are thoroughly vetted and tested to produce results.


What are your core specialities/niches as a team? 

At Calida Marketing we’ve got specialists in Social Media Advertising, SEO, Digital Media, Multi-Channel Acquisition experts and we make use of strategic partners for specialist consults where necessary. However, our own team is always growing and so are our specialities. *Business and scope dependant


SEO Marketing

At Calida Marketing SEO is how we help Google and other search engines know what your website and business is about so they can show it to the people who are searching for the services and products your business has to offers. We believe in tech, content, linking and PR approach to search engine ranking.

How much does SEO cost?

This isn’t an easy answer I’m afraid. While it’s hour based so fairly easy to equate against a budget, the outcome is determined by said hours, so this needs to be based on the growth strategy and ideal outcomes for the business. In essence, everyone can afford SEO, it’s just how big you go and how fast you’d like to see your returns on investment. Ideally SEO is a joint team effort between multiple people and by working together great things are possible.


How do we know SEO works?

This is easy, with our tracking tools we are able to accurately gauge the success of the organic search marketing efforts being made in the Search Engine Optimisation areas. We measure on market share (top 5 pages in Google SERP’s), SEO visibility, leads, and a variety of other metrics depending on the business requirement.


What’s my ROI (Return On Investment)?

If but only there were a simple answer to this question. Correct and properly executed SEO Strategies can have lasting impact on a business’ returns. Not only does it drive leads, but it creates validity for your brand, a chance to out-shine the competition and compete on a much smarter level of acquisition. Done right SEO can generate far more cost effective leads than any other channel.

What are Digital Marketing ecosystem audits?

digital ecosystem audit is a deep dive into the performance of your existing digital initiatives and strategy. It’s an analysis of your current digital channels and strategy to determine how effective you are at meeting the modern consumer.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a daily reality for most businesses, and for good reason. It drives business success. But how is it used properly in order to grow your business and drive return on investment?

 Can social media marketing really help my business?​

Yes, most definitely, if your business has a local impact, national reach or is a custom experience completely, it’s a great tool for business success and to reach targeted audiences.


What benefits does social media marketing offer for my company?

The objective is to reach people on the platforms and spaces which they frequent and use on a daily basis.
Brands are part of your everyday life and if placed on the right platform that you frequent daily you have a higher chance of engagement by the right audience.


How is your company’s social media marketing success measured?

Engagement. It’s measured based on how many people engage on your social media posts, how brands integrate in social media content by using varies different formats of showing user generated content.

Engagement also helps drive organic reach, by interacting with the relevant social media posts in the form of commenting, tagging and retweeting your content, fans and followers assist in boosting your content to their friends or followers’ feeds or alternatively the brands. This increases the engagement and ROI for the brand.


How should Facebook for marketing used?

Facebook has become the most recently used social media platform when it comes to online marketing. However more and more brands are integrating their partner products: Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, to reach a variety of marketing objectives, from driving traffic to connecting with your customers to driving sales.

A well-created thought out and planned Facebook campaign, can drive impressive results. ​


How should we be using Twitter for marketing?

Twitter is a platform where people turn to see “WHAT IS HAPPENING” in the world. Today, brands have an unprecedented opportunity to be a part of the conversation. Twitter targets multiple brands objectives, including engagement, brand awareness and performance addressing each brand’s business KPIs.

Some brands opt for using automation to enhance their efforts, and maintain strong engagement, with their audiences. Calida Marketing has an amazing tool that facilitates this.


How should we be using LinkedIn for marketing?

LinkedIn’s audience is one of the largest communities of professionals online. Positioning themselves with a strong user-based platform, brands can reach the exact audience they need to connect with, without worrying about wastage.​

LinkedIn is a platform where many B2B markets find high ROI, providing all measures have been put in place correctly.


What are some general tips for social media success?

Understand your customer and there audience, how they engage with your brand and other brands online and try to make their experience as easy and delightful as possible. Communicate with your audience in a fun playful, encapsulating way that drives engagement.